Pupil support

Pupil support staff  provide  a range of support  for pupils  and are responsible for the welfare of pupils during break, lunchtime and outside school hours.

Breakfast club supervisory assistant

Assist as required, in order to care for the safety and well-being of pupils at the Breakfast Club and co-ordinate activities that engages and supports children at the club.

Learning mentor

Provides a complimentary service to existing teachers and pastoral staff, by addressing the needs of children who need help to overcome barriers to learning both inside and outside school, enabling them to achieve their full potential. Learning mentors encourage pupils and parents to take up the learning opportunities that the school offers.

Play worker

Plans, organises and leads in the provision of children’s play based activities reflecting the social, educational, physical and recreational needs of children, ensuring their well being and safety.

Midday supervisory assistant          

Assists the head teacher as required, in order to care for the safety and well-being of pupils staying for a school meal.

Welfare assistant

Assists with the general care, safety and takes charge of the day-to-day health of pupils within the school.  Provides general welfare support and first aid for all school users and provides clerical support under the supervision of the office manager.