Why Teach in Newham

We’re one of Britain’s fastest improving local authorities! Ofsted has said that Newham is a good authority.

Academic standards are rising fast, school attendance is up and exclusions are down.

Findings from the Education Policy Institute (EPI) into social mobility and the attainment of disadvantaged children across the country, highlighted  those children who are deemed to be disadvantaged in the borough perform as well as non-disadvantaged five year olds nationally.
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Year 11 pupils performed above the national average in the new English Literature, English Language and mathematics GCSE qualifications.
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Provisional figures suggest that the borough’s A level results show an increase in the number of students obtaining the top A*- A grades. The borough average for these grades is 28 per cent compared to the England average of just over 26 per cent.
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As a teacher in Newham you will have an opportunity to make a real difference and to develop your own professional skills and expertise. We recognise that this belief demands a serious commitment to teachers and we demonstrate it by providing the maximum help for the professional development of our staff.

Our  ideas such as teaching assistants, baseline assessment and inclusive education are now central to the national drive for improved achievement.

For new teachers career prospects are excellent with high starting salaries and good opportunities for promotion.