Support Staff

There are a wide range of support roles and non-teaching roles on offer in Newham schools. These include opportunities to work with pupils in the classroom, or you may prefer to work in a role outside the classroom.

Use the links on the left to explore the different kinds of jobs. This is not an exhaustive list and not every school employs people in all the roles listed here.  The descriptions are very generic and provide an indication of the types of positions that are available.

Support staff vacancies are advertised  at: The Education Space Jobs , on schools’ websites, some schools may choose to advertise in the Newham Recorder newspaper. You will need to respond to each vacancy as requested by the school.

Support staff with degrees, appropriate GCSEs and a passion for teaching are supported by many schools in Newham to train to become teachers. Further details about teacher training in Newham can be found at: teacher training in Newham schools