How to Apply

Jobs are advertised at The Education Space Jobs, Schools’ Websites  and the Times Educational Supplement (TES). 

When you see a suitable job and you meet the criteria you should certainly apply.

Meeting the criteria

We are an Equal Opportunities Authority that selects every member of staff on the basis of how well they complete the form; everyone starts from an equal basis. It does not matter if you have previously applied for a job with us. Each application is considered as a new one, with no account being taken of previous applications. We will use your application form to decide whether you are called for interview. It is the only information we will consider about you and no assumptions will be made.

The “Additional Information” section

Under the section “Additional Information” explain clearly what you think would make you effective in the post you are applying for. Give examples from your current and previous jobs. Make direct comparisons between those jobs and the post for which you are applying. Demonstrate from your experience why you think you are skilled for this job. Write positively and use direct expressions like “I planned”, “I organised” and “I managed”.

This is probably the most important part of your form. Take time over it and plan it carefully.