Teachers’ Exit Survey

As you are no doubt aware, recruiting and retaining teachers in London is challenging. As part of its recruitment and retention initiative Newham Partnership Working (NPW) (on behalf of London Borough of Newham) are keen to find out the reasons why employees leave the organisation and thus address any issues.

Any member of the teaching staff leaving the Council is invited to complete this Exit Questionnaire. The questionnaire can be submitted anonymously and you do not have to declare your school but it would be helpful if you indicate the phase. We realise that you are extremely busy, but the questionnaire should not take longer than five minutes to complete.

What happens to the information provided
The results will be used as part of our efforts to retain teachers in the borough. All information provided in the questionnaire and /or at an interview will be treated confidentially. NPW will use the data to identify and analyse any underlying or specific trends, which could affect the overall performance of our schools.

Thank you in advance for your help and for your valuable contribution to the education of Newham’s children.

Please use the following link to complete the questionnaire Newham Teachers’ Exit Survey