Pay and Benefits

We seek to pay our teachers as well as we can, as a way of demonstrating that we value you highly. Our salary package is one of the best in London.

Pay and Benefits

Start in July
Early career primary teachers are offered up to three weeks paid work (at Instructor level) in July. As well as the financial benefit, this gives you the opportunity to meet colleagues and get to know the school, academy trust or the Local Authority (LA) before you officially start in September.

Inner London Payscale
We pay inner London Payscale, over £2,200 a year higher than outer London boroughs.

Extra salary point
ECTs who start on M1 (£36,745 will receive one extra recruitment and retention allowance in your salary assessment of ­£1,511.

*Golden hello
If you applied through the primary pool, you will receive a £1000 Golden Hello in your August salary.
*Employment based trainees do not receive a Golden Hello.

Other Benefits

Excellent opportunities for continuing professional development

Accommodation in Newham is less expensive than many other areas of London. Furthermore, there are a number of affordable housing schemes. Local Space Housing Association prioritises  Newham teachers.

Information on these schemes can be found on the housing page.

NB: This package is the minimum offer for primary ECTs employed in Newham schools, appointed via the ECT Primary Pool.

ECTs employed by academies should check the offer available at your school.

 *Conditions apply