Support for Education

In Newham we have an excellent professional development programme for teachers so they can benefit from the best practice.

We ensure our teachers have every opportunity to develop their professional skills and expertise. Advisors and trainers are available to help with everything from your own professional development to core and foundation curriculum areas.

After the induction year, continuing professional development opportunities include school-based opportunities and central courses in both subject-based and whole-school issues. Further on in their careers, Newham teachers can take advantage of courses leading to training to develop middle or senior manager potential. The Local Authority (LA) work closely with institutions such as University of East London, the Institute of Education and Canterbury Christchurch University College to provide accreditation for courses that may lead to Masters degrees.

We run an impressive array of in-service courses across all aspects of school and curriculum development.

We have been able to maintain a thriving instrumental music service, very much against the national trend, of sufficient quality to mount two Royal Albert Hall concerts in recent years.

Though a city authority, we have roots in the country too. You may have the chance to take your class to Fairplay House or the Haybay Barge both in rural Essex, and which together form our own outdoor education centre. We run the largest campsite in Epping Forest at Debden House, which has adult residential learning facilities too. We are keen to extend learning to the wider community and give everyone the opportunity to learn.

We run Saturday schools for hundreds of children in Years 5 and 6. Voluntary but popular with teachers and pupils alike, they cover the National Curriculum in a fresh and exciting way with group sizes limited to 15.

We run an annual summer school for children between eight and fourteen. Based principally at places of further and higher education, it gives children a chance to work with specialists and see where their aspirations can lead. Newham was also a pioneer site for summer literacy schools, now widespread across the borough, and summer numeracy schools, both for Year 6 pupils. At Key Stage 1 every school involves each parent in their child’s reading development, and family literacy schemes take a high place in our learning community programme too.